Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fighting fire in Hawaii

Big Island Video News

There was a 600-acre fire on the big island of Hawaii this week, but by the time this video was shot the fire was mostly out. But take a look at it. You'll be surprised at one of the engines, which has what appears to be a huge 4-5 foot funnel on top of the tank. Maybe it collects rain water when it is parked outside the fire station, or maybe a helicopter drops water into it while it's working on a fire. Or maybe it's just for looks. I've never seen anything like it.

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Anonymous said...

According to the driver of the truck, the vehicle is known as the "wok truck" because of its resemblance to a wok. It is based at the Na'alehu station paired with a medic unit where it serves a community of 919. The main station is in Pahala, 13 miles away, and houses an (more modern) engine and ambulance.

The funnel is open at the top and filled for water for suppression. Choppers can also drop water into it.

Given the area's strong winds, wildfires in the area can grow quickly and these guys are pros at containing them with the resources they have.
Denise Laitinen
Firewise Communities Hawaii Coordinator

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