Thursday, February 12, 2009

Comments? We love comments. But here are the rules.

We encourage you to comment on any subjects that you see here on Wildfire Today. Intelligent contributions from our readers can add to everyone's experience.

It's easy. All you have to do is click on the small "Comment" link at the bottom of every post. Or, if you are viewing just a single post, the comment box may already be visible.

You will have the opportunity to sign in if you already have an account with Google, LiveJournal, Wordpress, Typepad, Aim, or OpenID. But you can also choose to be anonymous, or type in a name.

But, here are the rules:
  1. Be civil. "Flaming" of other writers is not allowed. Neither are crude, rude, mean-spirited comments or personal attacks that fail to add to the overall discourse.
  2. Be on topic.
  3. Advertising is not allowed.
  4. We reserve the right to remove any comments. This blog is not a democracy. One of our objectives is that it will be enjoyable for you, the reader, and for the creator of the blog.
  5. Wildfire Today is not responsible for the accuracy of the comments or opinions expressed therein.

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