Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Man Charged for Starting Catalina Island Fire

The Long Beach, California Press-Telegram has information about the fire on the island off the California coast last May which burned several structures, including one home:
"An Indiana man has been charged for allegedly starting the Santa Catalina Island fire in May, authorities said Tuesday.

Gary Dennis Hunt, 49, was charged with two felony counts in his arrest warrant: one for recklessly causing a fire to an inhabited structure and one for recklessly causing a fire to a structure or forest. Three Catalina Island addresses were listed in the counts.

According to the Los Angeles County district attorney's office, Hunt was a subcontractor working on the island. Despite posted signs about extreme fire danger and prohibition of open flames, he allegedly used an open-flame torch on May 10 to cut the cables on the island's radio tower, Ambrose said.

That allegedly started the fire, which burned 4,750 acres and cost $5 million to fight."

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Towerman said...

The man who started the fire was only the last link in a chain that started with Allstate Tower Co. The subcontractor was untrained and ill equipped due to the practice of Allstates operations managers course of sending the subcontractor that can be squeezed to the cheapest price. They use subs so they don't have any connection, provide any beneits, insurance, or reasonable pay. Apparently they carried the insurance for the job, which makes them employees in fact. Everything is a shell game. I know I played the game with them and their parent company, Pittsburg Tank & Tower for 22 years.

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