Wednesday, October 8, 2008

California: fire on Camp Pendleton

There are two fires burning on the southwest side of this military base which is between San Diego and Los Angeles. The larger one started at 3:30 this afternoon. At the last report, it was about 100-150 acres and was one mile from the city limits of Oceanside.

Today it was 94 degrees in San Diego, breaking the record high which had lasted for 109 years.


goalie2002 said...

As of now (8:15pm-ish PST) there are over 1000 acres burned. Golf course evac and it was getting close to homes on the base.
Said the brush fire started on a training area of the base.
Air tankers and several strike teams were involved as well.

Bill Gabbert said...

Thanks for the additional information. It looks like the weather today will make it easier for the firefighters to corral the fire.

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