Thursday, November 27, 2008

California: Former firefighter sentenced to 40 years for arson

In two earlier posts Wildfire Today covered the conviction last month of a former Yolo County volunteer firefighter, Eric Eason, for starting a dozen wildfires. Wednesday he was sentenced to 40 years in prison for starting fires that started ranged from small ones, to one that burned 1,000 acres and killed 200 sheep.

Evidence was developed against Eason by using roadside cameras and a GPS tracking device attached to his car. Arson investigators said that to start the fires, he used matches and mosquito coils, slow-burning spirals of a clay-like insect repellant.

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Anonymous said...

This jack ass deserves more time behind bars than that. He has disgraced his wife and children as well as the Volunteer Fire Service. His kind are the lowest of low.

The guy wanted to be a hero. To be there for all fire calls to save the day. Little did he realize that just getting up and going to medical aids when the pager goes off at 2am is just as much a hero as putting out fires!

Next time he thinks of hot lighting a fire it wont be in grass with someone taking his picture. It'll be behind bars cooking some slop!

Good riddens.

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