Monday, November 17, 2008

Fire videos

Here is a video shot by firefighters of the DC-10 air tanker making a drop. Very Nice. 1 min. & 13 sec.

Having trouble lighting your burn piles? Here's the tool you need. The video is 23 seconds long.

Here is a cool video of civilians driving through the Freeway fire on highway 91 with fire on both sides... before they closed the highway. Listening to the reactions of the passengers is fun--they are having a great time. This is in Southern California near Corona on November 15. 1 min. & 16 sec. Warning: you might hear a couple of 4-letter words.

This is not exactly a "fire video" but you will enjoy it. John Hodgman, aka "PC" from the Get a Mac campaign plays "Tonight You Belong to Me" on a ukulele at a recent event promoting his book, "More Information Than You Require". He's accompanied by Jonathan Coulton on guitar.

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