Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Suspect arrested for starting a fire in Florida

Firegeezer has information about a suspect being arrested this morning for starting a fire in Brevard County in Florida. It is Brian Crowder, who was arrested after a surveillance effort by 60 officers observed him exit his car, walk into a vegetated area, and drive away. A fire then started in that location.

Officers pursued him, but lost him. Eventually, following up on license plate information, they found him, but he ran into the woods. Police set up a perimeter, closed in on him and arrested him. He is now in a hospital being treated for dog bite wounds.

It is not clear if Crowder will be charged with starting some of the other fires in Brevard County.

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Anonymous said...

What do you do with someone that does something like this? JAIL is really not good enough, look at all the people left homeless from this awful man's actions...

I say bring him to a public place so all the folks affected can take a swing at him to vent their anger and grief..

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