Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ashlee, 9 years old, helps fire victims

Nine-year-old Ashlee Smith is going to be on national television on Thursday, December 18 on NBC's "The Bonnie Hunt Show". She is becoming famous because she created "Ashlee's Toy Closet" to assist children who have lost their homes in fires. Here is how Thursday's show is billed on "The Bonnie Hunt Show" web site:
Imagine if a natural disaster struck and you lost everything. Now imagine being a kid and losing everything. Nine-year-old Ashlee Smith did and created Ashlee’s Toy Closet, a charity that provides new toys to children who may have lost all theirs due to a natural disaster. She’ll be here to talk more about with Bonnie and how you can help this wonderful program.
Ashlee, the daughter of a firefighter, got the idea after the Angora fire burned 254 homes south of Lake Tahoe in 2007. She knew how children felt whose homes burned in fires because she lost her home in a fire in 2005.

Now she collects toys, books, and clothes for fire and natural disaster victims, saying that everyone helps the adults, but no one helps the children. She has helped young people affected by fires, floods, and this summer families whose homes burned in the wildland fires near Chico and Concow, California. In July she was featured on the International Association of Fire Fighters website.

If you feel like helping Ashley's Toy Closet to help others, they will gladly accept your donation.

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