Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Firefighter competing for "Dirty Job"

Matt Cox, a guy with a "dirty job"

Matt Cox, a wildland firefighter, is competing in a contest for the dirtiest job in Central Oregon. It is down to the final four now, and if Mr. Cox wins, he will receive a weekend get-away on the Oregon coast including $500 in lodging and dining, a pre-paid gas card, and a vehicle to use for the weekend.

You can vote for the dirtiest job by going to the site and voting for one of the final four. You can even view videos submitted by the contestants.

It's easy... you don't have to register or sign up... just click on the one you want to win the weekend get-away. Look for the voting block on the right side of the screen.

As of 5:03 p.m. on Dec. 16, Matt is in second place. The leader has 43% of the vote to Matt's 29%. Vote no later than December 20 to help Matt have a great little all-expense-paid weekend vacation.

Thanks, David, for the tip.

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