Friday, December 12, 2008

Fireman caught "rescuing cat" on Google Street View

You may be familiar with Google Maps Street View. Google cruises around the country in vehicles equipped with a GPS receiver and a shitload of cameras and takes geo-referenced pictures. For areas where this has already been completed, you can search for an address on Google Maps and see photos from many different angles of that location. Look for the photo and the "Street View" link on the pop-up window for that address.

On May 3, 2008, Robin Hewlett and Ben Kinsley of Pittsburg, along with some local residents, decided to have some fun when the Google folks took pictures on Sampsonia Way. They staged a bunch of different scenes, including firemen rescuing a cat from a tree, a marching band, a garage band, a sword fight, someone dressed up as a ham, and a giant plucked chicken.

Here are the fireman rescuing the cat on Fireman Way near the intersection of Sampsonia Way on Google Maps. (You can zoom in and pan back and forth.)

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And the marching band

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And the sword fight

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You can see other scenes HERE.

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