Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Medal of Valor awarded to CalFire employees

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger on Tuesday awarded the Governor's Medal of Valor to six CalFire employees:
  • John Guhl, of Sacramento, Silver Award: On May 18, 2008, stopped a disoriented, male driver from injuring himself and others with his vehicle.
  • Wesley D. Grim, of Visalia, Gold Award: On May 31, 2007, attempted to rescue an infant from a burning home.
  • Carl Schwettmann, Jr., of El Cajon, Gold Award: On October 21, 2007, rescued a missing firefighter during the Harris Fire.
  • Eric R. Ayers, of Susanville, Gold Award: On December 28, 2007, rescued a woman from drowning when her car landed upside down in a river.
  • James F. Allen and Franklin T. Johnson, of Mariposa, Gold Award: On February 2, 2008, rescued a young boy from a burning mobile home.
  • Corey Call, of St. Helena, Gold Award: On May 13, 2008, attempted to rescue a woman from a burning vehicle.

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