Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New FEMA wildland fire grant options

In September FEMA modified their wildfire grant program to include three new project types that can now be funded:
  1. Defensible space.
  2. Structural protection through the application of ignition-resistant construction, and
  3. Hazardous fuels reduction to protect life and property.
The details can be downloaded HERE (2.0 MB).

This must be how Cook County, Minn. received $3 million for wildfire sprinklers.

We keep hearing about how the government should pump billions of dollars into the economy to resuscitate it out of a deepening recession. The pundits and officials talk about building roads, bridges, dams, and other infrastructure improvements. Or even mailing more checks to all taxpayers.

Well, putting a LOT more money into this FEMA wildfire mitigation process will distribute dollars into the economy while ensuring that the funds will actually be spent, and not end up in savings accounts, which does little to stimulate the economy.

Thanks, Dick, for the tip.

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