Saturday, August 9, 2008

Great Leader gives forestry advice

We stumbled across an article that provides an insight into life in North Korea. The "Great Leader" Comrade Kim Jong Il visited a tree nursery and had comments and advice about how to grow trees, manage forests, and prevent wildfires. The tone of the article, obviously written by a North Korean government flunky, in kissing Jong's ass, is incredible. Here are some excerpts:
The great leader Comrade Kim Jong Il gave on-the-spot guidance at the Nursery Shop of the Yiwo'n County Forest Management Station in South Hamgyo'ng Province.

Thanks to the devoted struggle of the party members and working people of the Nursery Shop and the Forest Management Station, all the mountains in the county are completely changing their look as socialist mountains.

Saying that no one but only the true patriots - who completely devote themselves to the fatherland's prosperity and the future descendants' happiness - can accomplish this sort of project, the benefit of which can be reaped one decade or several decades later, Comrade Kim Jong Il highly assessed the noble spirit of patriotism displayed by Comrade Ch'oe Ki-chong, former head of the Forest Management Station, and the functionaries and workers of the Forest Management Station who have glorified their lives for a long period of time through the creation of the forest.

On the spot, Comrade Kim Jong Il set forth the tasks to be fulfilled in carrying out the afforestation work. Comrade Kim Jong Il said that the afforestation work is a noble, patriotic project for the happiness of the people and for a wealthy, powerful, and prosperous fatherland, and it is a nature-harnessing project of eternal value.

Saying that in order to turn the entire country into woodlands and greeneries it is necessary to plant many trees and pay deep attention to protecting and managing the trees, Comrade Kim Jong Il stressed the need to prevent the deeds of recklessly felling trees and to work out thorough measures for the prevention of wildfire.

Extending the warmest greetings of gratitude towards the respected and beloved general who had kindly inspired and encouraged them and imbued them with the noble spirit of patriotism through the visit to their far, faraway worksite, all of the party members and working people of Yiwo'n County, including those of the Forest Management Station, renewed the pledge of loyalty to brilliantly accomplish the honourable tasks assigned by the general and thereby to actively contribute to the completion of the cause of the construction of a powerful state.
It makes you appreciate America even more.

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Sounds *exactly* like the same kind of BS we get here in the US.

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