Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gunbarrel fire MMA

Wildfire Today has obtained a copy of the Maximum Manageable Area (MMA) for this fire west of Cody, Wyoming. The MMA is quite large, 416,000 acres, and defines the area in which the incident management team intends to confine the fire. The MMA borders Yellowstone National Park on the west and includes national forest lands on both the north and south sides of highway 20/14/16.

The red area on the map is the existing burned area. Click on the map to see a larger version.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the fire was quite active, developing a large smoke column and chewing up additional acres in the upper Big Creek drainage. A red flag warning is in effect for today for low humidities and strong winds, which should result in another day of significant fire activity. It has now burned 43,066 acres.

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Chris said...

The fire is more or less than 40 miles west of Cody, burning on the
north side of the highway. If you are headed to Yellowstone National
Park, look to your right. Your eyes will note burned trees that very closely resemble big charred toothpicks. On Saturday there was a new smoke plume on a ridge across from Eagle Creek campground. Now, roiling smoke can be spotted in the vicinity of Yellowstone Valley Inn, near the national forest boundary.The powers that be decided in late July when lightning ignited a tree to allow the fire to consume the pine beetle infested hills. As much as 80 percent of trees are reportedly dead due to the insidious little insects.

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