Saturday, August 16, 2008

Wildfire news, August 16

Record heat in the Northwest

Some areas in the northwest are experiencing record heat which will continue through today. Temperatures across Oregon are expected to exceed 100 degrees and a red flag warning has been in effect for the Cascades since Thursday but will expire this morning.

Hay truck drives through fire, ignites

A man driving a truck with baled straw drove through an area on Interstate 5 in Oregon where firefighters were battling a wildland fire along the highway. He thought it was safe to pass, since cars were driving through. But farther down the road he felt heat through the cab, looked in his mirror and saw flames. His load of straw was on fire.

He stopped and jumped out of the truck, expecting an explosion, probably having seen too many movies when the burning vehicle ALWAYS explodes. It didn't, but he stood on the road and watched his truck burn to the ground.

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