Monday, August 25, 2008

Wildfire news, August 25

Russian troops' scorched earth tactics

The Russian army that is "withdrawing" from Georgia is setting fires as they depart.
The withdrawal of the Russian forces is being accompanied by heavy environmental damage all around the country. Areas flown or driven over by Russian troops are being set on fire. As a result, several acres of forest are burning in Borjomi Gorge, as is a kilometres-long stretch of wheat across the Shida Kartli region. On August 24 two explosions took place. Arms and shells the Russians took away from Georgian military bases exploded in Tskhinvali and a gas transport train suddenly caught fire along the Gori-Khashuri sector of the Georgian Central Railway. The police have been unable to say what caused the fire, but according to one version, splinters of the land mines detonated on the military base beside the railway reached the train and when hitting the oil caused the fire.

Fire in Japan causes evacuations

It is not often that you hear about wildland fires in Japan.
TOKYO, Aug. 25 (Xinhua) -- The municipal government of Imabari on Monday ordered the evacuation of 50 households as a wildfire spread as close as 150 meters to their homes, said reports from Matsuyama, capital of Ehime Prefecture.

The conflagration, which broke out in the mountainous area Sunday afternoon, had destroyed some 75 hectares (175 acres) of forest by 11 a.m. (0200 GMT) Monday, said local authorities, adding that there were no immediate reports of casualties or damage to properties.

Firefighters, along with 10 helicopters from the Self-Defense Forces and those from neighboring prefectures, have been fighting the fire since it was reported to the local fire department Sunday evening.

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