Thursday, February 12, 2009

Australian fires, Feb. 12 update

The official death toll in the fires north and east of Melbourne remains at 181 but is expected to rise well above 200 as firefighters and police continue the search for bodies in the ashes of more than 1,000 homes over the 1,100 square miles (704,000 acres) that burned. Firefighters are still working on more than a dozen fires in southeast Australia, but residential areas are no longer threatened. Most of the damage was done on Saturday, now known as "Black Saturday".

A composite photo of a person that police want to talk to in connection with the fires.

It has been confirmed that some of the fires were deliberately set. including the fire that wiped out Marysville, a town of 500 where it is believed that 50 to 100 of the residents perished. Police made available a composite photo of a person who is believed to have information about a suspicious fire at Ivanhoe East, northeast of Melbourne. On Thursday police released two men who had been taken in for questioning after they were reported acting suspiciously in an area burned out by last weekend's fires.

UPDATE: Feb. 23, 2009

Wildfire Today has discovered that another wildfire blogger who has copied portions of our posts and pasted them into their blog without changing a word, has done so again. This time they copied the above post in it's entirety, including the headline and the photos, and pasted it into their blog seven hours after this one was created, giving the impression that they wrote it. Then several days later they changed the time stamp on their post to read 4 a.m. on the same day. (The original post here was written at 9:48 a.m. on Feb. 12.)

Perhaps we should be flattered, since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but stealing the work of someone else, plagiarism, and claiming the work as your own in violation of copyright laws, is another matter entirely and does not fall within "fair use".

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