Thursday, February 5, 2009

New fire equipment for California National Guard

California National Guard's Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck based Water Tender

The National Guard in California just received three new Tactical Fire Fighting Trucks (TFFT) and two Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck based Water Tender.

Here is an excerpt from a press release (which has more photos and details about the trucks):
The eight-wheel drive, 445-horsepower trucks with four-foot fording clearance each include a 1,000-gallon tank that can be carried up a 60 percent incline or along a 30 percent side slope while the truck is fully loaded to 67,000 pounds.

In addition, the Guard added two High-Mobility Water Tenders, which also feature all-wheel drive, 445-horsepower engines and 60 percent gradability, but have 2,500-gallon tanks and three-foot fording clearance.

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