Monday, February 16, 2009

Infamous World Fires

In January, 2006 I compiled information about wildland fires over the last 150 years that are famous, or infamous, because of their size or because there were multiple fatalities. I researched and found the dates, not just the year, these fires occurred so that they could be listed in order by date of the year and posted onto a calendar.

By having these wildland fires on a calendar, the lessons learned from even a 150 year old fire will be less likely to be forgotten. An unforgotten lesson learned may save the life of a current or future firefighter.

The document had been hosted on the website of the International Association of Wildland fire since 2006, but they recently rebuilt their site. Unfortunately, the new site has some bugs that still need to be resolved, and that document and many others are no longer accessible. So I have put it on Sagacity Wildfire Services' site HERE.

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