Monday, June 23, 2008

Don't visit the Lessons Learned Center's or IMT's web sites

At least until they rebuild the web sites. Here is an email from Dave Christenson, Assistant Manager at the LLC:
Hello LLC customers,

Our websites have been hacked and redirected to other sites that install a virus code that injects code into our sites and those who come to our sites. This has happened to over 510,000 other websites over the weekend. We can expect to hear from many of our customers concerned about their computers becoming infected with this virus.

We want to help them all by directing them to the link below and advising them to get with their IT folks in order to ensure that they have their sites and computers cleared of the virus code.

Best regards,

There is also a report on wildlandfire.com that the federal Incident Management Teams web site will install a virus on your computer. This is a hellofa thing to do, sabotage federal fire web sites, when we have the Siege of '08 just getting started. I hope they find and punish the a_holes that are responsible..

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