Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fire roundup


Ophir Fire, 2 miles south of Oroville, 1,600 acres, 21 residences and 28 outbuildings lost. The spread of this fire has been stopped for now.

The photo of the Ophir fire below is courtesy of the Enterprise-Record.

Jackson Fire, 20 miles north of Sacramento, 6,400 acres. Three firefighters from Sacramento Metro FD were entrapped while protecting a mobile home. Two took refuge in an engine and were not injured. The captain did not make it to the engine and received some second- and third-degree burn injuries.

41 Fire, 17 miles north of Fresno, 3,300 acres.

Indians Fire, 18 miles west of King City in a Los Padres National Forest wilderness area, 1,300 acres. There are reports that the fire made a big run yesterday.

Fire in Stockton. The fire started in brush along Interstate 5 and spread into a residential neighborhood, destroying destroying 20 condominium units, nine single-family homes and a triplex before it was controlled.

North Carolina

Evans Road Fire, 7 miles south of Creswekk, 40,195 acres, still spreading to the north and east. In addition to Hildreth's Type 2 Incident Management Team, Custer's NIMO (National Incident Management Organization) team is assigned. Firefighters are burning off wheat stubble fields out ahead of the fire.

Senator Elizabeth Dole is requesting that the White House reconsider a request for emergency assistance from FEMA. It was denied earlier.

The photo below from InciWeb is of the Evans Road fire near the actual Evans Road. The caption on InciWeb made note of the "irrigation hose". Firefighters refer to it as "hose" or "fire hose".


A fire in Froland has burned 10 cabins and 250 acres. During the night 49 people were evacuated. Firefighters were able to save a 150-year old church in the hamlet of Mykland which was completely surrounded by the fire Wednesday morning.


Virtually the entire population of Uranium City, Saskatchewan were flown out ahead of an advancing fire. The fire is one of 252 fires burning in Saskatchewan.

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Bjørn Ivar said...

The Froland fire in Norway is now reported to have burned between 2000 and 6000 acres. More than 20 cabins and one farm has also been consumed by the flames. 4 helicopters and 2-300 firefighters is fighting the fire.
This is probably the largest wildfire in Norway since WWII by a wide margin.

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