Sunday, June 8, 2008

Montana Governor wants state to manage some forests

From the Missoulian:

MISSOULA - Gov. Brian Schweitzer says that creating healthier forests, possibly by having the state take over management of some federal timberland, is the best way to combat the infestation of bark beetles in the West.

In a speech, Schweitzer suggested that instead of spending $50 million to $200 million annually to fight wildfires, the state should budget $75 million each year for treating its forests before they’re burned or killed by beetles. The governor made the comments at the University of Montana during a conference to discuss the beetle infestation.

“We propose the federal government manage like we do after a fire n complete timber sales in six to eight months after a fire,” he said. “When we have dead or dying trees, we harvest them, but our neighbor doesn’t do a dang thing, in their checkerboard fashion.”

Schweitzer said leaders could propose a plan to manage 10 percent of federal timberland.

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John said...

What a joke the Gov. will never put money into fighting fires. Last time the Legislature had to do that and the Republicans had to creat a $40 million fund to help pay for the fires. If the Gov. had any brains he would have receated a larger fund when he had the money, the funny thing is that he spent all the money as a pay back for the liberals that voted for him. It sure is easy to paybacks when you have the money but it is really hard to do the right thing when you have the money and are not willing to spend it where you don't need it.

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