Sunday, June 22, 2008

InciWeb out of service--again

InciWeb can be a great place to get current information about ongoing fires. Agencies can post important information there including news, status of the fire, evacuations, maps, and photos. It works very well when there are just a few semi-active fires in the nation. But when you need it most, when there is one huge fire, or many medium-sized fires, the system cannot handle the load and it becomes totally unavailable. When that happens, either the web site will not load at all, or you get a screen like the one above, today, showing that there are no incidents in the system.

The federal and state agencies that manage this system need to ensure that the servers can handle the load when the citizens need it the most.


michellesusan said...

I totally agree with that. I hear about all these new croppings of fires and want to find more about them, but InciWeb keeps crashing and I end up not being able to get any information about the fires or the injuries that fellow firefighters sustained. It's very frustrating.

Markus Sandy said...

here, here. Inciweb is a great site but totally unreliable, especially when things are hot ;)

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