Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Send Barack Your Baby

There is a hilarious web site, SendBarackYourBaby.com that you will find useful if you'd like Obama to kiss your baby but find it too inconvenient to go to a rally and stand in line. The concept is, you ship your baby to Obama, being sure to complete the "Baby's Packing Slip", he kisses it according to your instructions (Kiss, Hug, Give Hope, or Other ___), then ships the baby back to you.

Be sure and check out the Shipping Instructions and the Frequently Asked Questions pages. For example:
How will you return my baby?
Most babies are back home within 14 business days. We send them via insured UPS Ground in a specially designed box, and to avoid mixups, we require that somebody sign for the delivery. Shipping to addresses outside the continental United States can take up to two additional weeks.

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