Wednesday, July 2, 2008

California: Martin Mars on Lime Complex

The Martin Mars air tanker, which holds 7,200 gallons, made 5 drops on the Lime Complex and the Motion fire on Tuesday. It scooped the water out of Lake Shasta. Aerial firefighting in northern California has been very limited for the last 2 days due to poor visibility caused by smoke from the fires.

A total of 8 MAFFS air tankers, C-130's from the military, are now assigned, working out of McClellan near Sacramento.

Martin Mars air tanker dropping on the Motion fire near Lake Shasta on Tuesday.
Photo by Jacob Schiller.

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firefightermom said...

If your son was out fighting wildfires, would you want him up in unsafe conditions (such as being in a helicopter with poor visibility during the night? I don't think so!

I understand that of course you want to save your land and your homes, but my son's life is more important and valuable than any structures which can be rebuilt.

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